Miami Beach Running Training Programs – Adult & Youth

Why a running program…

+ Coaches from a wide variety of disciplines ask their athletes to run in order to improve their endurance and to get fitter. However, they rarely provide the technique or skills to run well, eliminate bad habits and avoid injury.

+ Coach Marcelo’s program keeps running fun and interesting through a mix of drills, sprints, tempo runs, circuit training and other training variations.  Running should never be boring.

+ In addition to improving your running skills, you will develop physical and mental discipline, endurance and strength that will result in immediate and long term benefits.


What to expect…

+ Coach Marcelo or assistant will instruct every practice

+ Each person will be evaluated and have a personalized program based on their ability

+ Advice on running gear, nutrition and hydration

+ Work on Form, Speed and Endurance

+ Learn run etiquette for the Track and outside

+ Race specific guidance (when applicable)


Coach Marcelo Holcberg brings all his experience to Miami Beach:

+ 20 Years of Professional Coaching Endurance athletes of all levels and ages

+ 36 Years of experience in Running and Triathlon

+ USA Track & Field; USA Triathlon and IRONMAN University Certified Coach

+ Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese


Join our 12 week Fall Program:

Start Day: September 11th

End Day: December 3rd

Registration Now Closed!


Coming Soon 

12-Week Spring Program:

Start Day: January 29th

End Day: April 22nd


Fees & Details:

Every Tuesday & Thursday, from 7:15 to 8:15 pm

Fee: $139.00 for MB residents and $250.00 for NON-MB Residents

Where: Flamingo Park Football Stadium

Address: 999 11th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139


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