With over 35 years of experience in the sports of running & triathlon and being a USA Track & Field and USAT certified coach since 1998, I am here to help you achieve your goals from finishing a race, competing according to your expectations or qualifying for important races.

Everyone is considered an ELITE athlete to us.

Every athlete needs a coach.
Olympians have coaches.
Even coaches have a coach!



"Both my husband and I reaped tremendous benefits from Marcelo's training plan. We improved our running, biking and swimming times placing us within the top ranks of our age groups, in addition to founding physical well-being that continues with us today."

Carmen L. Guerrero - Research Assistant Professor at The University of Miami

"I have trained with Marcelo since 2000 as I was looking for a group to train with. Having a solid workout at a specific time and place was so helpful and actually got me more involved in participating in triathlons. I couldn’t have gotten to the level I was at in 2002-2003 (on the USA triathlon long distance team) without Marcelo’s training."

Denise Desaulniers

"Marcelo helped me on the way to a 2:35:58 in 1998 Boston Marathon, my 2nd fastest time out of 15 marathons. I can affirm Marcelo has a combined experience of almost 30 years in the sports of triathlon and running."

Aldo Virano - Top South Floridian Elite Runner


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